Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Halloween Hoopla-Complete with Cereal Killer and Moss Man
Chris Roebuck seemed to have St. Paddy’s Day confused with Halloween, but he didn’t let that stop him ushering people into his haunted alleyway as a Cereal Killer played by Jake Harris walked by.
Thursday, November 1, 2018


A ghost flew down the streets of Hailey on a Segway, his white sheets catching a breeze as he zoomed along.

A taco waddled by, along with a rag mop and Moss Man. And a carton of Grade A milk checked in at every business along Main Street looking for cookies to make his day complete.

Hailey Halloween Hoopla put smiles on the faces of young and old—even a trio of Cool Kids in their 70s danced down the street in costume.

Michael Ward escorted Ninja Turtle Liam and little Monkey Cody down the street.

“The kids are loving it,” said Nadia Fajurdo, who was escorting her daughters Briana and Adalynn around town.

Chris Roebuck ushered people into a haunted alleyway by his Christopher & Company jewelry store. It boasted a Zombie Research Facility, grizzly skeletons and a chest full of heads, among other things.

It’s been a dream of mine to create a haunted alleyway and this year I had help from a client whose husband said, ‘We’re not doing Halloween at our house this year,’ ” he said.

The girls at Feathered Flip--Krystal Fuller, Deb Mitchell, Lacey Durfee Sanders and Ali Sherbine--toasted the day with wine served up in goblin goblets as they handed out candy.

Amanda and Lincoln Mestas lived out Lincoln’s dream of being a garbage collector.

And the gang at Shorty’s appeared in various styles of cardboard Tonka trucks, inspired by 3-year-old Otis Greenberg’s desire to go dressed as one.

Hailey Fire Chief Craig Aberbach couldn’t help but notice all the pint-sized firefighters begging for candy. And young Lincoln Mestas realized his dream of being a garbage man when he and his mother Amanda walked around in garbage collection outfits, towing a hazardous waste can in which to collect their candy.

 “It’s fun to watch the kids,” said Chris Waid, who joined the Union Paint paint crew as they handed out candy from the tailgate of their pickup truck.

There were at least a dozen dogs dressed in costume, including one dressed as a bumble bee, another as a turkey and still another as a pheasant. And, yes, The Rock Church had treats for them.

Jeremy, Erika and Otis Greenberg join with Jill Swanger, Jeanne Greenberg, Lee Koehmstedt and Jacob Greenberg as Tonka trucks.

And, this being an election year, there was even a Baby Trump who set off a lot of flashbulbs as he  waddled by.

 Belia Salina wanted to take her identical twin daughters, born on her birthday a year ago, trick or treating. So she dressed them up as chickens and turned their stroller into a Chicken Coop.

And Sondra Van Ert dressed up as Heidi as she handed out candy from her sports consignment store.

 “I remember the skating parties at Sun Valley when I was little—it was a fantasy with kids and adults alike skating around in costume,” she said. “And I remember Halloweens when it was snowing, too. Then, of course, when I got older they closed off Main Street and brought in a truckload of sand for a lifeguard stand. We do Halloween up pretty good here.”

Belia and Bella Salina celebrated their first Halloween in a chicken coop on wheels.

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