Monday, May 20, 2019
Leap to Spring at Tonight’s Gallery Walk
Diane Andrews Hall’s “Townsend Warbler III, 20-by-20-inch oil on wood panel at Gail Severn Gallery
Friday, March 8, 2019


Got a case of cabin fever after the snowiest month in Sun Valley’s recorded history?

Get a sneak peek at spring during tonight’s Gallery Walk from 5 to 8 p.m. in Ketchum.

Gail Severn Gallery, 400 First Avenue North, is featuring the colorful paintings of Diane Andrews Hall, who has followed her birdwatching to extraordinary places.

Kelly Ording’s “Oscine” at Gilman Contemporary

Hall is fascinated with watching birds in their habitat, barely perceptible, always in motion and full of character. And she tries to capture a moment—a split second of flickering loaded with information, augmented by her passions for light, the clouds and the ocean.

Her goal: to capture the birds and their surroundings all in a constant state of becoming.

Hall’s work will be augmented by James Cook’s large colorful oil landscapes and Hailey artist Theodore Waddell’s landscape featuring elk, bison and other four-footed subjects.

  • Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley Road at First Avenue, will feature Lauren Mantecon’s abstract paintings, “Stewards of Light,” which embody the artist’s lifelong fascination with the inexplicable mysteries of life. Her works feature complex layered surfaces exploring a multitude of materials and paint as she explores dreamlike scenes and portals between worlds with a visual syntax of orbs, ovals and dense translucent layers of paint.

    Chance Watts’ portrait collection at Mitchell Contemporary Gallery

    Her brushwork pivots between the translucent and hazy opacity, suggesting a mysterious knowledge that’s barely discernible just coming into focus.

    “Paint for me transcends the material world—color, non-color, ambiguous shapes, veils—all serve as a visual dialogue between what cannot be seen but can be felt,” she said. “They are the crossing points between earth and spirit. I work to capture the ethereal and to find the intelligence in aesthetic beauty.”

  • Gilman Contemporary, 661 Sun Valley Road, will showcase painter Kelly Ording’s much-anticipated exhibition “An Unseen World.” Her meditative works on dyed paper and canvas are exercises in precise line making, demonstrating a balance between the organic and meticulous. Her large-scale works can be found in many public settings, including Facebook headquarters and throughout the Bay area.

    Virginia Baude’s “The Traveler,” 11-by14-inch oil on linen at Kneeland Gallery

    Niv Rozenberg, an Israeli-born and Brooklyn-based photographer, explores the complex nature of urban architecture in his manipulated and minimalistic photographs. His series “Boswijck” examines the architecture of Bushwick, Brooklyn—the title a nod to the original Dutch name for Bushwick.

    His “Summit” showcases isolated monumental buildings from across New York City, the background colors reflecting the building without explicitly referencing the contest of the city.

    Lauren Mantecon’s “Sweeping Precense” at Friesen Gallery

    Both artists will be present for Gallery Walk.

  • Chance Watts, an artist from Tri Cities, Wash., will present his portraits and figurative pieces at the new Mitchell Contemporary Gallery at 400 Sun Valley Road next to Huck & Paddle.

    Watt showed his talent as a painter at 19 and his blend of realism and abstraction blends with his use of gradients between color and heavy body appearance.

    Watt is “a work horse” who is constantly pushing the boundaries to satisfy his artistic appetite, said Mitchell Contemporary Gallery Owner Tim Mitchell. And he will be in attendance during Friday’s Gallery Walk.

  • Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Fifth and Washington streets, will pull the curtains back on its new exhibition “Unraveling: Reimagining Colonization in the Americas” tonight.The exhibition goes beyond the traditional story of America’s colonial history—that of the European conquest of indigenous cultures—to offer alternative perspectives regarding those who were displaced or dispossessed.

    The installation will feature works by Tlingit/Aleut artist Nicholas Galanin, of Sitka Alaska, and Umar Rashid, also known as Frohawk Two Feathers, who creates paintings that reimagine the history of colonization in the Americas.

    It features a look at Marcos Ramirez Erre and David Taylor’s project placing obelisks similar to those along the current border between Mexico and the United States in the sites they would have occupied in 1821. And it includes Seneca member Marie Watt’s project incorporating the woolen blanket to build narratives around Native American resistance to the colonizing European culture.

  • Kneeland Gallery, 271 First Avenue North, will feature the work of Sun Valley artist Lori McNee and Teton Valley artists Bart Walker and Virginia Baude.

    McNee employs several different media, including oil, cold wax and encaustic to create an equally extensive subject matter. This exhibition will include both her signature still-life imagery and poignant landscapes. Her work has been compared to that of the Dutch Masters. It’s opulent in color and texture and her imagery ornamented by detail and rich in symbolism.

    Bart Walker uses oil sketches done in the field to paint the allure of the wild land on canvas. His radiant plein air paintings evoke the early California impressionist landscapes, alive with deft brushwork and nuances of light.

    The French-born Virginia Baude is best known for her paintings of wolves in their habitat, inspired by years of encounters with wolves in Yellowstone National Park, Alaska and the Rockies. Baude who has a Masters in wildlife biology, makes animal portraits as realistic as she feels necessary set against backgrounds that are loose and somewhat modern.

  • Broschofsky Galleries, 360 East Avenue in The Courtyard, is featuring the work of Karl Bodmer, Bill Barret and William Matthews.

    Matthews was just chosen to design, create and oversee the fabrication of a 100-foot-by 12-foot  decorative façade on the south entrance of Dickies Arena in Fort, Work, Texas. The installation will feature a 63-foot mosaic mural of a western image flanked by two 12-foot tall bronze bas-relief sculptures.

  • Frederic Boloix Fine Art in the Galleria features works on paper and sculpture by Modern Masters.


  • MESH Gallery, 4th and Leadville Streets, will celebrate four new works from Ed Cannady and new images from Jeff Lubeck’s recent backcountry ski tour into the Sawtooth Wilderness, during which he managed to find inspiration despite the limiting conditions imposed by February’s record-breaking snowfall.


  • Wood River Fine Arts, 360 East Avenue in The Courtyard, will feature the works of Jeremy Lipking and Lars Jonsson, among others.


  • Harvey Arts Project, 659 Sun Valley Road, is featuring the work of Australia’s aboriginal artists Doreen Chapman and Nyangulya Katie Nalgood.


  • Mountain Images Gallery at 360 East Avenue in The Courtyard, features large-scale triptych format photographs of local and other western landscapes by James Bourret.


  • Stone Art Gallery in the Walnut Avenue Mall off Sun Valley Road will feature the works of Sabah Al-Dhaher and Robert Cruce.


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