Wednesday, June 3, 2020
MasquerAID and How to Wear a Mask
Thursday, April 23, 2020


It’s dubbed the Community MasquerAID initiative.

A project of the Flourish Foundation, it’s a way to meet the need for personal protective face masks in the Wood River Valley and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It pairs the knowledge skills and enthusiasms of a variety of different individuals, including Flourish Foundation’s Young Compassionate Leaders.

Bill Amaya of Beyond Wood LLC is providing laser-cutting technology. Quilter Barbara Knowles provided much of the research. And the Rotary Clubs of Hailey and Ketchum and local businesses have provided some of the seed money to buy fabric and other supplies to create the fabric protective face masks.

The project started out as the 5BEE Sewing Revolution. And dozens of foot soldiers with sewing machines stepped up to stitch and distribute masks for valley residents through The Hunger Coalition, The Senior Connection and other organizations.

Now, Flourish Foundation is taking over the effort and is seeking donations and community support to acquire materials to continue the effort.

To learn more visit Or, contact Winslow Brokaw at or 207-266-8625.

Donations can be made at or at Venmo: @Flourish-Foundation.


  • Use a dry mask. Fabric could be more likely to transmit viruses when wet, even from the moisture emitted when a person exhales.
  • Wash masks regularly with regular detergent and regular washing machine cycles.
  • Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals while washing.
  • Tie the mask so it fits from the bridge of your nose down under your chin. Tighten the loops or ties so it’s snug around your face without gaps.
  • Wear the pleats pointing down.
  • Do not wear the mask below the nose or so it covers just the tip of your nose.
  • Do not leave your chin exposed
  • Do not wear it loosely with gaps on the sides.


If you’re jogging alone in an unpopulated area, you can probably leave the mask at home, according to a spokesperson for the University of Sciences’ Health Science Program. If you do see someone, it’s common courtesy to swerve off the path.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends wearing a mask in public settings, such as grocery stores, where it’s difficult to stay away from people. And that could extend to the Wood River bike path if you’re going out at a time when you know there will be a lot of people on the path.

Masks can be uncomfortable and make it hard to breathe while exercising. You can get used to exercising with a mask by wearing it while doing something like jumping jacks. Or, you can wear a balaclava or buff, which skiers and bicyclists around here commonly wear while exerting themselves.

REMEMBER: Face masks don’t negate the need for physical distancing.



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