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Memorial Day 2023
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Monday, May 29, 2023


Originally observed as Decoration Day

after our Civil War

a war dividing a nation

deaths numbering almost 500,000

graves were decorated

in remembrance

of loved ones lost

nearly every family altered by death.


The list of wars

from our nations birthing

to present

are never ending

strung together

like rosary beads


the lines of white crosses

 and flags in cemeteries

speak of honorable sacrifice

but also of something deeper

we must not ignore

the brokenness of human souls 


Reminding us

the very origins of war

finds it source

in the individual


whose lust for power

and wealth

will subjugate whoever

or whatever impedes its path


the antithesis

of being content peacemakers

of loving our neighbor

as ourselves

which is perhaps

what we need to remember

and strive for

this and every Memorial Day




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