Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Sun Valley Wonders
They say the stars align...well, the moon aligns, too--right behind Baldy.
Friday, December 25, 2020

Like the rest of us, Sun Valley photographer extraordinaire Nils Ribi was forced to go in search of places far from the maddening crowds this year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

There was no Sun Valley Music Festival to shoot, no Sun Valley Writers Conference--none of the things people lean on him to immortalize.

But, in avoiding the normal places he found himself training his lens on new wonders—simple but beautiful.

He found those wonders in the icy waters of the Big Wood River on what Carol Waller calls "the shortest day of the longest damn year."

Nils Ribi loves mountain chickadees as they are so polite. "They always say, 'Thank you,' with a nice little chirp when I give them a peanut," he says.

He found it in the quintessential beauty of a frosted aspen leaf. And he found it in a quiet walk in the woods.

Nils has graciously shared a handful of his favorite with Eye on Sun Valley on this glorious Christmas morn.

Enjoy. And Merry Christmas. And fervent wishes for a Hap Happier New Year.


If you slow down and look around at things as boring as aspen leaves that fail to fall off trees in the fall, they might just surprise you, Nils says.
The Comet Neowise was a great mental escape from the pandemic. Finding a dark secluded place to take pictures of it was the perfect way to social distance.

Slowing down his camera exposure reminded Nils to enjoy the beauty of the Big Wood River.

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