Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Journey to the New Year
Ed Northen was driving home from Moscow when he saw this incredible road on the Palouse plateau. He thought it dovetailed nicely with the poem.
Friday, January 1, 2021

The Wood River Valley’s resident poet Ed Northen has written an enormously powerful poem that takes us on a journey beginning with the Winter Solstice and reflects on the New Year and its possibilities, which will be dictated by the choices we make.

 Journey to the New Year


 Winter’s Solstice inaugurates the journey 

the long days of darkness

turning the corner


the earth

and its satellite moon

giving hints of hope


a gradual hope

barely seen

but the knowledge

of change is present.


Christmas follows

with its charity,

good will

and hope


which is not predicated

on orbits

and seasons


but pregnancy

and new birth

God breaking in


a trimester ripe with


and love.


New Year’s

is implementation day

a do over

a restart


though the new year

has its weakness

its vulnerabilities


which is us

our human condition

our darkness



We have no influence

over celestial orbits

spring, summer and fall


will circle round again

to winter

as they have for eons 


but we do possess

the sovereignty

of choice


choosing to allow

incarnate love

to transform


to bring light

into our darkness

to give new birth


On the first day

Of this new year


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