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Tradition! Kindercup Rakes ‘Em In
Monday, March 6, 2017


Elvis appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” the year the Papoose Club held its first Kindercup Race in 1956.

Fidel Castro landed in Cuba at the start of the Cuban revolution. And gasoline cost a mere 22 cents a gallon, while the average cost of a house was $2,280.

A couple dozen youngsters took part in the first race and a tradition was born.

The kids have shown up every year since—rain, snow or shine. And the 61st annual Kindercup on Sunday was no exception as more than 300 kids, their parents and grandparents flocked to Sun Valley’s Dollar Mountain despite a semi-blizzard to take part in what has become a rite of passage for Wood River Valley kids.

Ketchum resident Tod Hamachek waited at the bottom for his 5-year-old grandson Gus Herrick.

“He competed in the Arkoosh Cup at Rotarun a couple weeks ago and he came home hugging a trophy—he was the only one in his age category,” said Hamachek. “This is a great event—everyone comes out for this. Grandparents, parents—they all have fun. And at this age it’s not about beating someone but taking part. And the costumes—I saw one girl wearing a goose on her helmet!”

The Papoose Club spends most of its time raising money to give to organizations that work with youth. But the Kindercup is all about the kids, said President Louise Isaacs and Vice President Anna Mathieu.

Many of the kids who took part in the Kindercup years ago are now bringing their kids, they noted.

Sun Valley Company gave the kids lift tickets and Atkinsons’ and a number of other sponsors also stepped up to the plate.

The racers seemed to have no jitters in the starting gate. A few had giggling fits. Some took a few moments to wave to their fans below.

Then they wound their way around slalom gates set up on various parts of the hill.

“Super fun!” beamed 4-year-old Brady Bloomfield as she crossed the finish line.

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