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Body Pump in a Bike Park
Saturday, September 14, 2019

One of the tiny tots kept lapping the track after his required two laps were over. Others did one lap and called it good.

It was the 10th annual Idaho State Pump Track Championships held this week at the Ketchum Bike Park—a challenge for cyclists to navigate rollers and berms by pumping their body, not their pedals, up and down.

The competition has fielded up to 200 cyclists in its 10-year history. Enjoy the ride as Eye on Sun Valley’s Karen Bossick takes you there.


MEN’S OPEN: 1) Josh Kahn; 2) Carson Hampton; 3) Shaw Dean

WOMEN’S OPEN: 1) Clare Buchwalter

13 AND UNDER BOYS: 1) Tucker Grasslie; 2) Drake Lovlien; 3) Wyatt Gilmore

9 AND UNDER BOYS: 1) Cal Strachan; 2) Merck Ringlestetter; 3) Harvey Kasteller

9 AND UNDER GIRLS: 1) Grace Grasslie; 2) Jane Kasteller

6 AND UNDER BOYS: 1) Mangus Wade; 2) Harvey Kasteller; 3) Henry Black

6 AND UNDER GIRLS: 1) Hazel Keefer

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