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Marie’s Belgian Fries-Perfect for a Summer Barbecue
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Did you know that National Fry Day is this week?

Often, we Americans call them French fries. But Marie Gallo, being from Belgium, is all about Belgian fries—the tastiest of fries served up with Belgian mayonnaise and other sauces.

Let Marie show you how to make Belgian fries in today’s episode of Marie’s Kitchen. They’re soft in the middle, as crispy as you want on the outside, and perfect for a summertime barbecue.


1 large Russet potato per person

Pan filled halfway with equal amounts of olive oil and vegetable oil

Sea salt

Mayonnaise or other fry sauce

Slice Russet potato in half. Slice each half into three strips. With a smaller knife, slice strips based on how fat or skinny you like your fries.

Heat oil in pan. Drop one potato strip in. If the oil bubbles, it’s ready. Add remainder of potatoes. Fry for 2-3 minutes and remove potatoes to a bowl.

You can immediately reheat the oil so it’s very hot and return the fries to the oil at this point. Or, you can let the potatoes sit for a few hours and finish frying later.

Fry until the potatoes achieve the perfect golden color for you.

Remove fries. Add a couple pinches of sea salt and toss. Serve with mayonnaise or other fry sauce.

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