Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Janss Race Exposes the Fastest, the Best Dressed and the Man with the Orange Hair
The Dominos won the venerated Janss Cup, thanks to the speedy turns of Brad Harrington, Katherine Rixon, Heather McPhie-Watanabe, Amanda Porino, Paul Solomon and Derek Agnew.
Sunday, March 31, 2019


They rolled out a new Janss Award this year—the Janss Oscar Award for Most in Character.

And the winner was….The Donald.

Donald Trump, played by Mike Halstead, chummed around with Kim Jong-un portrayed by Robert Beall. Protected by secret service man Stefan Sohlstrom, he kept an arm’s length from Melania Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played by Annika Sohlstrom and Lauren Halstead.

Race official Kathleen Eder checks out the Beer Pong team’s racing outfits.

He pushed Dan Herby’s Joe Biden and Hans Sohlstrom’s Bernie Sanders forward to those at the Gala Dinner held at Sun Valley Resort as the two men he’d most like to run against in 2020. He tried to solicit votes from Professor Plum of “Clue” fame

And, most of all, he kept a hell-bent, devil-may-care attitude as he careened down the Lower Warm Springs race course on his campaign of “Making Sun Valley Great Again.”

It was all fun and games, of course, given the 22nd annual Janss Pro Am Classic’s theme of “The Games People play.”

  • And, while The Donald certainly had the presence, he didn’t have the speed. Fastest Male and Female honors went to Will Brandenberg and Erika Rixon.
  • THE SPEED CUP for the fastest team without a handicap went to Cards Against Humanity, made up of Ben Kanelitsas, Carl Rixon, KJ Savaria, Austin Savaria, Hunter Storey and Biche Rudigoz.

    The Live Action Role {lay group featuring Tami Harrison, David Kelso, Graham Watanabe, Jeremy French, Jim Slanetz and Jon French.

     In second: Big Buck Hunter, comprised of Harlan Collins, Jon McCusky, Bryce Turzian, Ben Verge, Emily Dupont and Sean Higgins. And in third: Operation, composed of Jim DeWolfe, Sofia DeWolfe, William DeWolfe, Eva DeWolfe, Finn Mallinen and Banks Gilberti.

  • The JANSS CUP awarded to the fastest team counting handicaps went to Dominos, composed of Derek Agnew, Brad Harrington, Amanda Porino, Katherine Rixon, Paul Solomon and Heather McPhie-Watanabe.

    Second place went to Strip Poker, made up of Janet Appleton, Liz Brown, Paige Lethbridge, Christie Luby, Julie Daniels West and Charlotte Gourlay. Third place went to Clue, comprised of Heather Black, Harrison Black, Kristin Kozlowski, Jonathan Monschke, Carrie Monschke and Steve Porino. And fourth place went to Operation.

  • THE SPEED DIAL YOUR PT AWARD sponsored by Zenergy for Best Crash went to Wes Powell and Heather Black.
  • BEST IN SHOW for Best Costume went to the Price is Right, made up of Dana Covington, Robin Engelhardt, Johnie Michael, Katie Robins, Clay Wawner and Jonna Mendes.

Twisters Erika Rixon twists her way down the course enroute to claiming the honor of fastest female.

Second place went to Strip Poker, and third went to LARPer, composed of Jeremy Black, Jon French, Tami Harrison, Jim Slanetz, David Kelso and Graham Watanabe.


WATCH Eye on Sun Valley's video coverage of the Janss Pro-Am Classic at 7:30 tonight--Sunday, March 31--on Cox Cable Channel 13 and 1013. The program repeats at various times throughout the week.


KJ Savaria and Dani Theobald challenge one another to a game of “Hit Me.”

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