Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Puppy Training-From Frozen Kong to Stepped-on Leash
Kalidor is on a very short leash when meeting people.
Monday, February 5, 2024

Editor’s Note: Given the new puppies that wiggled their ways into people’s homes and hearts during and after Christmas, Eye on Sun Valley thought it might be useful to publish the experiences of a dog trainer with her new puppy.


Kalidor has been home almost a week.   We have worked on house training by using a marker method and food to let him know that going outside is what I want.  He has also learned that sitting by the door is how I open it.  Now, when he has to go, he immediately goes and sits by the door!

The other part of this is that Kalidor is not allowed to run free through the house unless I am just watching him or playing with him.  When he is in the house, he is on a leash next to my chair whether I am watching TV or working on my computer.  If I cannot watch him, he is either in his crate (where he gets all his food and other treats), or in an exercise pen I have in the living room.  If he is awake in the house, I take him out about every 20 to 30 minutes.

He has been sitting for his food.  He gets Kong toys filled with cream cheese, hard cheese, or canned food.  Since he loves his food, sometimes I freeze the Kong already stuffed so it takes him longer to eat it.  Now he is chewing on ME less and less.

Every day we work on “Leave it” where I wait until he backs his mouth away from my hand with a treat in it.  When he backs away, he gets the treat and I say, “Leave it.”  Now he learns that taking his mouth OFF my hand is rewarded.

I’ve spent lots of time just watching him and when he does something I want, like “down,” I say, “down” and give him a click/treat on the floor in front of him.  I do this all the time while he is on the leash tied to my chair at the computer.

I have been taking him everywhere in the car IN A CRATE.  I don’t want him finding any joy in chewing my van!

I get him out ON A LEASH for even five minutes at new places and ask him to practice the essentials of “watch,” “sit” and “down.”  We go to the store, accompanied by my lessons, everywhere!  When people want to pet him, I always let them, but I stand on his leash so he CANNOT jump up on anyone.  Now he gets petting from strangers and doesn’t get any positive reinforcement for jumping.  He just gets lots of treats for meeting new people and sitting.  

My goal right now is for him to meet at least three new people every day!  Next week, we are going to introduce greeting children!

Having a plan to start each week with helps you to accomplish amazing things with your pup, form a trusting bond and give your pup an enriching start!  

Editor’s Note: Fran Jewell is a dog behavior consultant and a NADOI Certified Instructor and National Vice President. Questions? Contact her at Positive Puppy Dog training at 208-721-7221.

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