Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Waking Up to Eye on Sun Valley
Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Right now, many of us are starting our day with a cup of coffee or tea with Karen. Yes, many of us are reading Eye on Sun Valley. How often do we wonder: Does Karen ever sleep?  How does she do it?”

Once again, we are treated to three stories about our home--the Wood River Valley.  It’s not just Monday through Friday, but seven7 days a week, all year long, for years!   In fact, did you know that in November, The Eye will be celebrating its 10th birthday?

On a recent hike Karen shared with us the number of stories she had to write in preparation for a 12-day vacation. We offered to give her a bit of a break.  Little did she know it would be about her.

Let’s start with some facts, or perhaps data, about the life and times of Karen Bossick:

During a typical winter she will ski Baldy nearly 150 days, by itself, quite impressive. But she also Nordic skis over 150 days too. In fact, some winters over 300 days combined!  Yes, Karen has a “two-for” day--she makes ‘first tracks’ in the early morning, then heads north with her pup to hit the Nordic trails. She loves it best to ski with others.  Then she heads into town to interview someone or attend a community event.  When does she find time to write?

Hiking is another story. Over the years we have gone on dozens, if not a hundred hikes or more with Karen, as have many of her other friends. What we have observed is she NEVER gets tired. As we are huffing and puffing another couple of miles, up steep grades or to the elusive mountain top, Karen isn’t panting or gulping for air. She just continues to tell stories as if she is simply going to the cupboard to get Java her dinner. Nope, Karen never tires.

Talking about Java, her young pup, she has always been graced with the presence of canine companionship: first; Bandit, then Shiloh, and now, Java. All terrific with an energetic joie de vivre.

As you know, Karen is also a storyteller. In fact, she will go to extreme lengths to get the scoop on an interesting and sometime important story to share with us. For instance, how it is that at 6:04 a.m. the morning after an election, we opened The Eye to find out who had won?

Because Karen is The Best. Often, she will ride her bike to Hailey early in the morning and Ketchum in the afternoon, and then zip up to Ketchum again in the evening to catch a story or an art exhibit or a live performance.  (Karen already has biked more than 1,100 miles since the path was cleared of snow this year to “capture stories”).  Why does she do this?  For us, the readers of Eye on Sun Valley.

Did you know that her favorite beverage at these community events is white wine?  Make it Butter and she’s a happy gal.  

Karen is our first “go-to” when we have questions about “what’s happening?”   She seems to know everyone--or someone that knows who one wants to know.  She seems to be everywhere--asking questions, observing, discovering, experiencing--then, sharing what she’s learned, what’s behind the story, with us every morning.

She’s a community treasure!

Of course, Eye on Sun Valley is not a one-man (woman) show. The success is due to the partnership Karen has with husband Michael Hobbs, the general manager, web master, video producer, software engineer and financial VP, and Leisa Hollister, chief marketing officer.

Thank you, Karen Bossick, for being the eyes of the community and sharing what you see and hear with us all.

#4#Mila and Marty Lyon, Karen Bossick and Java check out Hell Roaring Lake enroute to Imogene Lake. After all, you never know when Karen might need a photograph of Sawtooth Country.

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